_Pigalle sideboard 
 in finish cameo cat. B, with hera handles </br>
 in finish avorio pompeiano ceramizzato cat. B</br>

_Prince mirror in finish neve cat. B with natural mirror


ivory embossed with ceramic details, cat.D</br>


_Jadore Sideboard in cameo finish, cat. B with relief decorations in ceramic finish


_Medea sideboard with frame in golden light-brown, cat. B, with feet, handles and top in dove grey gold leaf finish, cat. C


_ Epoque sideboard in wood, Cameo finish cat.B, legs with inserts of bronze mirror glass, bronze mirror glass doors and top, Epoque metal handles, dove grey silver leaf finish<br>
_ Operà table lamp in wood, Cameo finish with dove grey silver leaf accents, cat.B, lampshade in Ponge/17 fabric cat.A<br>
_ Windsor mirror in wood, Cameo finish cat.B, clear mirror


_ Lord wooden sideboard in white crackle finish, cat. B, Prince decoration and tassels<br>
_ Prince mirror in snow finish, cat. B, aged mirror<br>
_ Operà wooden floor lamp in snow finish, cat. B, lampshade in Pongè 5 fabric, cat. A<br>
_ Operà wooden table lamps in snow finish, cat. B, lampshades in Pongè 5 fabric, cat. A


_ Liberty wooden sideboard with Classic metal handle, ivory crackle finish, cat. B, Tre Grazie decoration, and tassels
art. 30355/01<br>
_ 77x62 cm Parigi wooden mirror, ivory crackle finish, cat. B